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Renowned North East Food Blogger, Food Near Me Network Enjoys Kato

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“Last week I was so excited to have been invited to Kato Pan Asian Cuisine. One of my favourites and most recommended spots for Pan Asian Cuisine in Sunniside – Gateshead.”

“If you haven’t been to KATO – you haven’t lived. Whenever anyone asks my top pick for some gorgeous Asian food this place jumps to the top of the list and their menu is certainly something exciting to shout about “

“The dishes…
🍃Edamame Beans
🌶Steamed Chicken Dumplings
🍄beef chili noodles
🌮Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup
🥬Mixed Vegetable Wok Noodles
🥭Mango Ice-cream Cake with Raspberry”

“My favourites had to be the steamed chicken dumplings and the beef chili noodles. All the dishes were packed with Asian spiced flavour and so delicious I’m already planning my next visit!”

“So, be sure to put this high on your must-do list this week and get a booking.”

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